What is this

Who the hell is this

I'm a dad, a respected craft beer aficionado, and a pokemon master. I write code, and lately I have been learning to break other peoples code.

What the hell is this

It's a blog written in Markdown. With just a splash of styling, because I've got mad style.

Where the hell is this

What an interesting question. This site is at www.parrisvarney.com, it's on Amazon S3 probably on us-east-1 like all other US content. It's in my brain, and in my heart. It's in history both physically and metaphysically

When the hell is this

It's 2020, the greatest year in documented human history.

Why the hell is this

I've created many versions of this site since 2003. Originally it was a place to host a MTG fan site. Then a place to run Perl scripts, then a place experiment with DHTML, then a place to host PHP pages, then a college blog that was funny when I was in college, then it was a place to screw with AJAX and web2.0, it hosted Drupal, it hosted S3 sites, LAMP servers, photo books, various prototypes for this and that, etc.

Now it's a simple place for me to write things. I'm not trying to do anything technically interesting, so the tech this time is a simple markdown markdown transpiler, and S3.