How to Make a Decent Pour Over

Pour over coffee is a great way to appreciate a high quality coffee. It's enjoyed by the hippest of high class coffee connoisseurs.

If you're considering putting cream and sugar into your coffee when you're done, then don't bother with making a pour over, you'll just look foolish.

The Hardware

  1. Digital cooking thermometer
  2. Scale that measures in communist units (metric)
  3. Pour over brewer
  4. Paper filter
  5. Electric kettle
  6. Stopwatch
  7. A handlebar moustache

The Coffee

Spend the extra few bucks and get coffee roasted by someone who loves what they do. If you got it at a grocery store or a chain coffee store then people will laugh behind your back

The Process

  1. Heat water to exactly 207 degrees (freedom units).
  2. Pour some heated water over filter in order to extract the papery filter taste.
  3. Discard yucky paper water.
  4. Grind 23 grams coffee to roughly "drip" coarseness. The idea is you are going to want a 150-180 second pour. Finer coffee will take longer to pour and hence will yield a more bitter cup. You will adjust the grind over time.
  5. Put coffee into wet filter.
  6. Evenly pour 100 grams of water over the coffee in circular fashion.
  7. Stop pouring, let coffee soak and drip into cup until timer hits 1 minute (either communist or freedom minute works).
  8. Start pouring again until you've reached 360 grams. You want to keep a covering of water over the beans, but a small distance between bean and water top. You also want the bean layer to remain relatively even and flat.
  9. Check your timer when done, ideally you land between 2.5 minutes and 3 minutes.

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